Safe-Guard has enabled us to save more animals

“Furry Kids Refuge is a no-kill animal rescue located in Kansas City, Missouri. We have rescued close to 400 animals so far in 2007, and have had 300 adoptions as of September 1, 2007.”

“Most of the animals we rescue come from the Independence, Missouri, Animal Control Shelter. This is a high-kill shelter that always needs our help. We have rescued more animals from there than any other rescue for the past two years. As you can imagine, many of these animals are in pretty bad shape, and many have worms.

“One of many successful Safe-Guard treatments we did was for Haddie, who was infested with worms when we got her. She was just skin and bones at the time but, within a couple of months of the dog deworming treatment, she filled out into the beautiful Boxer you see in the pictures.

“We automatically deworm every dog that comes into our program, because fecal tests are not 100% accurate, and we do not want to adopt out a dog which could potentially have worms. After deworming, we start dogs on heartworm preventative medication, if they test negative for heartworms.

Safe-Guard has enabled us to save more animals than we would have been able to if we had to spend money to purchase dewormers. We are so grateful for Safe-Guard’s donation program – it is so generous, and it is obvious that this is a company that truly believes in rescuing and helping homeless animals!”

Kim Accurso, Furry Kids Refuge
Kansas city, Misouri