We love to hear from dog owners, kennel owners, professional trainers and animal health practitioners about their experiences with Safe-Guard® (fenbendazole) Canine Dewormer.

Particularly heartwarming are the letters we receive from the dedicated staff and volunteers of some of the animal rescue shelters, like the ones below. This page is about them. And about you.

Please feel free to share with us your opinions, anecdotes and success stories through our contact form. We look forward to featuring your comments on this site!



“Safe-Guard has enabled us to save more animals…”

Safe-Guard has enabled us to save more animals than we would have been able to if we had to spend money to purchase dewormers. We are so grateful for Safe-Guard’s donation program – it is so generous, and it is obvious that this is a company that truly believes in rescuing and helping homeless animals!” READ MORE »

“My treatment of choice…”

“The first experience I had with fenbendazole (FBZ) was when I was growing up in Ohio. Anytime our dog had an intestinal parasite problem, our local veterinarian would dispense small packets of granules that we would administer for three consecutive days. After three days, the parasite problems were resolved.” READ MORE »

“The best dog wormer on the market…”

“In the 15 years that I have been a professional trainer, I haven’t found anything that can match Safe-Guard” READ MORE »

“Safe-Guard has greatly improved the health of our shelter dogs…”

“It is so nice to have a dog dewormer that treats so many canine intestinal parasites, and yet is as safe as Safe-Guard.” READ MORE »